About us

About us

BKK ORIGINAL is a Thai bag brand that is more than just a store that sells bags. Our bags were design under the concept of ‘Thailand's original fashionable bag in everyday lifestyle.’

            Our aesthetic is to create products that provide comfort and convenience for users with outstanding designs by infusing elements of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand into every bag design.


Why BKK ORIGINAL becomes the number 1 Bangkok’s souvenir?

            BKK Original considers the function of usage. Bags are designed in various styles, easy for using. The bags match a girl’s lifestyle and can be used everywhere, every occasion.

Another BKK ORIGINAL’s strong point is the price is affordable with high-quality products. That’s why many tourists who have visited Thailand will come back to buy BKK ORIGINAL’s products as a souvenir. The concept meets the Thainess point, to remind them no matter the time passed by but every time seeing the bag, they will always think of a good memory in Thailand.


Best seller product

Firstly, we would like to give you briefly introduce our best seller product, called Chang Thai collection. Chang means elephant in Thai, which is the national animal of Thailand. We take this lovely animal to create a special pattern of bags in BKK ORIGINAL style.

Another one that we would like to present is ‘Signature of Siam’ collection, which is an easy-using sling bag that brings out the uniqueness of Thailand, such as temple, national animal, or even attraction spots in Bangkok.  You will fall in love with Bangkok more than ever!

Everyday BKK Original.

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