About us

Number 1 Thai souvenirs among tourist ‘BKK ORIGINAL’ is the brand concept and then creates brand identity which can show premium of Thai identity  images and themes from Thai culture and Thai craftsmanship have now become a  No.1 Best Souvenir From Bangkok.

You can see a lot of customer especially foreigner inside the store. Most of customers usually buy bags bring to their home no less than 10 pieces  to give their friends and using by themselves.

Particularly during holiday time  you can’t  come inside seem like space not enough. result  from BKK Original always developed design and quality such as Thai silk bag, carp weaving bag, Chain bag furthermore  there have many products you can grab  such as Fruit Soap, Cap , Scarf , Passport cover. BKK Original is their pride and joy.

Where to buy : Chatuchak Market, Asiatique The riverfont, Terminal 21 and The Market Bangkok 

Everyday BKK Original.

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